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Vedita Ventures established in 2016 is a human resource consulting firm, aims at providing services to the companies and the future employees that are full of quality and perseverance. We believe that the secret to success for any organization is the flexible and efficient management of their most important investment – “human capital.”


To be the HR partner of choice to organizations who are aiming to achieve success through talented and motivated people. We are here to provide expertise and value to both our candidates and clients at every stage of the process.


Our employees and management team are all united through our ‘Be Search’ philosophy which is driven by our 5 core values.
• Integrity – we believe in collaborating with trustworthy and faithful people
• Modesty – Attitude and approach are two key components that define modesty. Everyone truly follows this – “keep calm and going” and to remain grounded in all situations
• Positive thinking – The first step towards positive action starts with a Positive thinking
• Innovation – If you want to survive, then you must feed your mind with creative thoughts everyday
• Commitment – The biggest factor for the success of any great individual or team is the sheer commitment.


We envision to be recognized as an efficient and impeccable HR Consulting partner. Our principle lies in being the premier choice for organizations for all their HR needs being the perfect match for them like finding the right part to complete the puzzle.

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What Our Employees Say About Us?

"Working with Vedita Ventures for the past two years as HR Recruiter, Working with Vedita Ventures is a great pleasure and privilege; with all intelligent and friendly people, who are upbeat and genuine.This is exactly the working environment in which people can learn, develop and make difference. Always been encouraged and to stretch myself and improve my skills. Its the diversity to make its more enjoyable working with Vedita Ventures"

Rejini Manidhass P M

"I started my carrier with Vedita Ventures and its my first company, I am learning lots of things in short period and I'm very happy to work with Vedika mam and Sushil sir. I'm not only working as a employee apart from I'm like a family member. So proud to be a part of Vedita Ventures."


"Vedita ventures its my second company and I love to work here and I have learned a lot. It's my pleasure to be employed at Vedita Ventures. I have been with the company for 8 months, the feel of working here is very friendly, they give full support to me when i struggle at anywhere & helpful in every activities. I have learnt confidence, motivation, discipline, patients, and how to survive. Both Vedika and Sushil are supportive and a good team workers and perfect business partners. They were the one always supportive and coordinate with all the times. I never forgot about this team work and I never seen in my life like this much support. I must say this is my loved job position and loved company in my life time. WORDS CAN'T DESCRIBE HOW THANKFUL I AM

Manimegalai M